Causes of Acne In Adults

When we treat patients at out Acne Clinic we are often asked for help in determining what causes acne. Although each person will have unique circumstances that contribute to their own development of acne there is a basic cause.

Acne is caused when the hair follicles in our skin become clogged. This takes place when either oil or dead skin builds up and clogs the follicles. Though many other factors can contribute to acne development, clogged hair follicles are what causes acne.

Does My Diet Cause Acne?

Many patients are concerned that their diet may cause acne. For some people this is true, but in most cases a person’s diet has very little to do with the production of acne. Problem foods for some patients include dairy and high sugar carbohydrates.

Though diet is often not a major factor in acne production there are many other factors that may increase acne production. Hormone changes, stress and medication can all contribute to acne development. Patients going through changes such as puberty, pregnancy or menstruation may be more susceptible to acne development.

It is always a good idea to speak with a professional to determine what personal factors may be causing your acne symptoms. It is likely not necessary to make major changes without first considering your personal factors.

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Acne Treatment

Acne is stubborn. There are a variety of at home methods that can be used to treat acne. Though they may be effective for simple acne flare ups, it is often difficult to treat severe acne on your own. Thankfully there are treatments available to help with acne symptoms.

Our Acne Clinic offers a variety of treatments including chemical peels and laser acne removal. Contact us today and let us help you treat your acne and enhance your natural beauty.

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