Sometimes Greek Yogurt Can Cause Acne

When treating patients at our Acne Clinic we are often asked about how dietary choices affect acne production. A common question from our patients is, does Greek yogurt cause acne? The answer to this question is simply maybe. Though in most cases diet is not a significant contributor to acne production diary products such as Greek yogurt might be a contributing factor for some people.

If you are concerned that Greek yogurt could be contributing to your acne symptoms you could consider an elimination diet. But it may not be necessary to eliminate Greek yogurt from your diet. Consider speaking with our team to help you truly understand your acne symptoms.

What Causes Acne

Acne is not often caused by our dietary choices. Instead, it is caused when hair follicles on our skin become clogged. Clogging occurs from either dead skin cells or oil entering the pores. Though Greek yogurt might affect your acne symptoms this is likely not the case for most people. Many other factors can contribute to acne production.

Some personal factors that can contribute to acne production are hormonal changes, medications, stress and in some cases diet. Every person’s skin is unique and not all factors apply to every person.

Acne Treatment

Some of our patients find that at home acne treatments are no effective on their skin. Acne can be stubborn, but you don’t have to treat your symptoms alone.

At our Acne Clinic we treat patients that are looking to improve their acne symptoms and enhance their natural beauty. We offer a variety of acne treatments tailored to your unique needs. Contact our team to learn about our services such as chemical peels and laser acne removal. We have the right solution for your unique skin.

What Else Causes Acne?

For more information on what other things can potentially casue acne, please visit our "what causes acne" resource centre.