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Dermamelan® Actions & Mechanisms. A cutting-edge formula what is REGULATING ACTION

Pigmentation concerns affect more than 80% of adults and can have a negative impact on quality of life. Melanogenesis (process of melanin production) can be influenced by external factors like sun exposure and inflammatory conditions (acne, seborrheic dermatitis) as well as internal factors like hormonal changes and some photosensitising drugs (oral contraceptives, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, etc.).

What is the Dermamelan Treatment?

Dermamelan is a professional medical depigmentation solution that provides an intensive corrective action on skin hyperpigmentations while regulating melanin overproduction and controlling reappearance of new spots.
A cutting-edge formula
Mesoestetic presents a cutting edge patented formula backed by the latest scientific research and mesoestetics’ vast experience in the field of hyperpigmentation.

How does the Dermamelan Treatment work?

Dermamelan has been formulated to specifically target the main catalysts in the skin hyperpigmentation process. The treatment has a unique dual mechanism of action; the corrective action works to target and remove existing spots while the regulating action prevents pigmentation reappearance.

What does Dermamelan consist of?

The Dermamelan method is a four month treatment plan comprising 2 phases which are necessary to achieve the target outcome. The first phase is completed in one session at the clinic with phase 2 based around a curated skincare regime to be completed at home.

In-clinic phase – The treatment is comfortable and takes only 30-45 minutes at our clinic.

Step 1 – The skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepared for treatment.
Step 2 – Application of the intensive depigmentation mask; it works by removing melanin deposits built up in the skin’s surface.
Step 3 – The final step is the application of the Dermamelan ion mask to maintain moisture levels and facilitate transepidermal vehiculation. Both masks remain on the skin for four hours post application.

At-Home phase – After 48/72 hours of removal of the masks the home treatment starts. This phase involves strict adherence to a skincare routine for four months using the Dermamelan skin care products, which help to treat the root of the problem and gain a comprehensive and long-lasting result.


Step 1 – Dermamelan Treatment Cream – It controls the formation of pigment by inhibiting melanin synthesis and melanocyte overstimulation while accelerating the cell renewal process.
Step2 – Melan Recovery – it returns nutrition and balance to the skin while relieving and reducing sensitivity.
Step 3 – Mesoprotech Melan 130 pigment control – tinted high spf sunscreen with maximum efficacy to protect the skin and help control pigmentation.

Who is a good candidate for a Dermamelan® Treatment?

Dermamelan is ideal for treating :
Melasma / Chloasma
Brown spots
Hyperpigmentation and discolored spots from acne
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Uneven skin tone or brown blotchy skin
Hyperpigmentation from laser and peel treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Dermamelan vs other pigmentation treatments?
Other treatments such as laser or peels have a corrective action on the spots, by removing the pigment accumulated in the skin, but their reappearance cannot be avoided. Dermamelan has a dual corrective but also regulating action to treat the origin of the problem and keep pigment overproduction under control to prevent recurrence.
What is the best time of year for a Dermamelan treatment?
To obtain the best possible result, the best time is after the summer season to avoid direct intense sun radiation during the treatment. In some areas where radiation is unavoidable, it is recommended to avoid direct exposure, the use of a hat and adequate specific sun protection.
Will spots disappear completely and forever?
Spots will be very significantly reduced following the treatment however where there has been a spot there will always be a trend for reappearance. It is essential to follow your homecare routine and to constantly use specific sun protection that prevents repigmentation. Your skin specialist will be able to advise on the best products for you.
Is it a treatment compatible with my daily activities?
Dermamelan is a non-invasive topical treatment and does not prevent you from following a normal life. It is however vitally important that the daily homecare regime is maintained and sun exposure will need to be avoided as far as possible.
Is the Dermamelan treatment completely painless?
It is a process in which the skin is completely renewed gradually and on a controlled basis. During the initial phase and after treatment at the clinic, the skin appears reddened and you can feel warmth, but these are mild, expected reactions that will disappear after 24-28 hours. During the home phase, it is normal to experience a slight flaking and sometimes some sensitivity can be felt. These effects disappear with the application of the home products recommended by your specialist.
How do I know if Dermamelan is right for me?
Call or email us at NewDermaMed Cosmetic and Advanced Laser Clinic, to book your FREE one-on-one consultation. During your private consultation one of our medical professionals will be able to assess your skin concerns, as well as confirm whether a Dermamelan treatment is the best choice for  you.
Other treatments such as laser or peels have a corrective action on the spots, by removing the pigment accumulated in the skin, but their reappearance cannot be avoided. Dermamelan has a dual corrective but also regulating action to treat the origin of the problem and keep pigment overproduction under control to prevent recurrence.

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