Say goodbye to irritating moles with quick and effective laser mole removal treatment

Moles, medically referred to as “nevus” or “nevi”, are small areas of dark spots that appear on the surface of the skin. They can vary in shape, colour, size, and texture. Although most moles are non-cancerous, increased number of moles can heighten chances of developing a mole cancer, called melanoma. The choice of mole removal Toronto residents have been making, has become popular for both health and cosmetic reasons.

We are proud to offer this service, including skin tag removal and wart removal at both our downtown Toronto and North York locations and are happy to service customers from the Mississauga area.


Moles are caused by the concentration of skin melanocyte cells. The cluster of melanocyte cells is what makes moles apparent to the eyes. These cells are the pigment-producing cells that give skin its natural colour. While some moles are caused genetically, others are a result of excessive sun exposure and sunburns, or hormonal change. Sun exposure can also further darken existing moles and increase the number of moles.

NewDermaMed has been offering treatments like mole removal Toronto patients have been satisfied with for years.


 Eliminates the health risks by removing pre-cancerous moles

Enhances the look of your skin by achieving smooth and clear skin

Reduces skin irritation that may occur when the nevi rubs against clothing or jewelry

Removes bulging moles that get in the way of shaving


Congenital Moles
Congenital nevi are those that are found in infants and are present on the skin at birth. 1% of newborn babies are likely to be born with a congenital nevus.

Mole Removal Treatments

Mole removal techniques very depending on the type, size, and location of the mole. There are generally four common types of mole removal procedures.

Excision and shaving methods
There are various surgical mole removal procedures available. The choice of techniques will depend on the type of mole and its elevation from the skin’s surface.

This involves freezing the mole with the use of liquid nitrogen to destroy the concentrated melanocyte cells.

Electrocautery (electrocaterization)
A safe procedure that uses light electro currents to remove undesirable mole tissues by targeting the top layer of the skin, leaving surrounding skin untouched.

Lasers have become the number one choice for mole removal, offering the most convenient, safest, and effective procedure. Lasers can target the mole’s pigment cells directly without damaging or scarring surrounding skin cells.

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