See brighter, younger looking skin after one microdermabrasion treatment.

Microdermabrasion is now more popular than ever before. This non-invasive exfoliating treatment refreshes and clears your skin – pain free, with no downtime. You will see visibily smoother and even toned skin immediately after your initial treatment.

We are proud to offer this service at both our downtown Toronto and North York locations and are happy to service customers from the Mississauga area.


Acne and Acne Scarring
Age Spots
Clogged Pores and Blackheads
Dull or Dry Patches
Fine Lines
Large Pores
Rough, Thick or Dry Skin
Skin Texture
Sun Spots
Uneven Skin Color


Our skin is made up of two layers: the dermis or inner layer and the epidermis, or outer layer. As these layers grow and die throughout our aging process, dead skin cells are replaced by new ones. However, as we get older, this cycle slows down. As a result, our skin starts to look duller, while blemishes and wrinkles become more apparent.
Most of these imperfections are contained within the epidermis. Microdermabrasion is a gentle process designed specifically to target this outer layer of skin. It speeds up the natural process of skin turnover, leaving you with a fresh, more youthful appearance.
Professional microdermabrasion devices uses fine crystals, which pass over the skin via a vacuum or air pulsating wand. This process gently “sandblasts” dead skin cells off the surface.
The microdermabrasion Toronto customers have been using, has been used safely around the world for years to provide subtle yet visible improvements on the skin’s surface.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive and painless treatment with absolutely no down time. At most, patients will experience subtle redness for a brief period of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the next step if I am interested in this?
We would love to book you in for a FREE consultation with us. Our Medical Professionals will go over in further detail as to why you have made the right choice coming to our clinic for Microdermabrasion!
How much does this cost?
Our clinic has these sessions moderately priced. The prices for individual or packaged sessions can be found online under Fees and Financing.
Who is able to have this done?
Men and women of all ages, and skin types that want refreshed looking skin. Microdermabrasion just helps what is already their hidden beneath the dead skin cells.
How long are treatments?
Our sessions are 45 minutes in length. We recommend 3-6 sessions two weeks apart to see maximum results. This is entirely up to the discretion and progress of the client however.
Will this treatment hurt?
There is no pain with this treatment.
Should I do anything to my face before or after the treatment?
No prepping is required before this treatment. However after the treatment we ask that the face not be rubbed, scratched, washed with a cloth or shaved for at least 24 hours. This gives time for the skin to “relax” after the Microdermabrasion.
Is there any down time?
None what so ever. They can return to their daily activities right after their session with us. Clients may experience some redness that last for a few hours after their treatment.
What will my skin be like afterwards?
Most individuals experience an improvement in skin tone and texture right after their first session with us. Clients will also experience a difference in: Age Spots, Fine Lines, Large Pores, and Dry Skin Patches just to name a few. After this treatment, we recommend an SPF of 30 be worn while outdoors because our client’s skin will be more sensitive to UV rays.
What is it exfoliating?
Our skin has a cycle where cells are formed, grow old and die. When they have reached the final stage of their life they can be found on the outermost layer of our skin the Epidermis. We know them today as “dry skin” “patches” or “flakes”. Most people think that a good moisturizer will eliminate this problem. We always inform our clients of a more practical solution. During Microdermabrasion these dead cells are lifted away, with ease to reveal the new healthy skin that was already there.
Is this treatment to harsh for my skin?
Not at all! Microdermabrasion is a gentle process designed to specifically target the outermost layer of our skin. Our skin is powerful and the largest organ we have. Here at NewDermaMed Clinic would never promote a practice that would jeopardize something that is so important to all of us. As mentioned earlier it is just a more precise form of exfoliating.
What does this treatment actually do?
Our clinics Professional Microdermabrasion devises uses fine crystals that pass over the skin via a pulsating wand. This process gently removes old dead skin cells off of the complexion’s surface. It is the exact same process of exfoliating. Only difference is this treatment doesn’t come in a cream sold at beauty supply, and offers better long lasting results.
We would love to book you in for a FREE consultation with us. Our Medical Professionals will go over in further detail as to why you have made the right choice coming to our clinic for Microdermabrasion!


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