No, Eggs Do Not Cause Acne

When treating a client in our practice we are often asked, do eggs cause acne? Many articles online point to eggs as being one of many dietary causes of acne. Although diet can be an aggravating factor for some people, eggs do not cause acne. Most often a person’s diet will have very little to do with the development of acne. You can be assured that eggs are not the cause of your acne and it is safe to consume eggs.

What Causes Acne?

Now that we know that eggs do not cause acne, we should consider what does. Acne is the result of hair follicles on our skin becoming clogged. Clogging takes place due to the buildup of oil or dead skin. A person who has acne in not unhygienic. There are many factors that will contribute to each person’s experience with acne.

Eggs are not a contributor to acne development for most people. But there are some internal and external factors that may contribute to acne development. Medications, stress, hormones and in some circumstances, diet can all contribute to acne.

Although eggs do not cause acne, they may be an aggravating factor for some people. It is best to speak with a qualified professional to help you determine if eggs might be an issue for your skin.

Acne Treatment

Acne can be stubborn, and it is not always effective to treat at home. When suffering from acne related skin issues you may also be dealing with emotional concerns. It is important to know that you do not have to suffer through it.

Our Acne Clinic treats patients wishing to improve their skin and find relief from their acne symptoms. Contact us today to learn about the acne treatments we offer including laser acne removal and chemical peels.

What Else Causes Acne?

For more information on what other things can potentially casue acne, please visit our "what causes acne" resource centre.