Can Pregnancy Cause Acne?

At our Acne Clinic we treat patients from a variety of different age groups and life stages. When we treat pregnant women or women wishing to become pregnant, we are often asked, can pregnancy cause acne? Though the severity of symptoms will differ from person to person the hormones from pregnancy can be a cause of acne.

Pregnancy, like other hormone changes such as menopause, puberty, and menstruation can all contribute to acne symptoms. It is important to note that the hormone change itself does not cause acne production, but it can be an aggravating factor for acne symptoms.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is caused when the hair follicles on our skin, also known as pores, become clogged. Clogging occurs when dead skin and oil enter the hair follicles. Hormone changes on their own cannot cause acne but they can cause changes to skin that promote acne production. Acne in pregnancy is a common complaint of pregnant women. For most, these changes are temporary and can often be mild in nature. Others may find that hormonal changes cause major acne related skin concerns. It is always best to speak with a professional to understand the root causes of acne on an individual basis.

Acne Treatment

Acne is stubborn and can often be difficult to treat on your own. Though there are many at home acne treatments available you may find you need help treating your acne symptoms. Our Acne Clinic team are experts in acne treatment and are able to tailor acne treatment plans to your unique skin.

Our Acne Clinic offers a variety of acne treatment services to help you enhance your natural beauty. Contact our team today to learn more about our acne treatments. We offer laser acne removal and chemical peels suited to your needs. Don’t struggle with acne symptoms alone.

What Else Causes Acne?

For more information on what other things can potentially casue acne, please visit our "what causes acne" resource centre.