No Excess Protein Does Not Cause Acne

In our practice we frequently treat patients with acne concerns. As part of their treatment many patients ask us whether diet plays a role in acne development. Many ask us, can excess protein cause acne? In most cases the answer to this question is no. In general diet has little to do with acne production. Though protein on its own will not cause acne, hormones in animal protein could contribute to acne symptoms.

What Causes Acne?

We know that protein on its own does not cause acne. But how does acne develop? Acne develops when hair follicles on our skin become clogged. Clogging can occur when either oil or dead skin cells enter the follicle. Though there are a variety of reasons why acne may develop for each person diet is often not the only cause.

Hormones along with stress, medications and sometimes diet can all play a role in acne development. Excess protein in the form of animal protein may affect acne development in some people due to excess hormones in the animal protein. This will likely not be a problem for most people and may be more common in people we are consuming excessive amounts of animal protein.

If you are struggling with acne symptoms it is a great idea to speak to a professional at our acne clinic. We can help you understand the full picture regarding your personal acne symptoms and help you develop a treatment plan.

Acne Treatment

Acne can be difficult to treat on your own. It is often stubborn and can cause emotional issues as well as physical symptoms. Thankfully you don’t have to suffer through acne symptoms alone. Contact our acne clinic today and learn about our acne treatments. We provide comprehensive treatment that can include laser acne removal or chemical peels.

What Else Causes Acne?

For more information on what other things can potentially casue acne, please visit our "what causes acne" resource centre.