Did you know apples can reduce the signs of aging?

The stem cell of a rare Swiss apple, known for its longevity, increases vitality, delays aging, and combats chronological aging in skin cells.

The Swiss apple stem cell extract, scientifically known as malus domestica, has proven to help skin stem cells maintain their characteristics and their capacity to build new tissues. It also has proven to delay aging with its anti-wrinkle effects.

Here at NewDermaMed, we carry Circadia by

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8 Ways to Revitalize Your Skin

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facials are a luxurious marriage of state of the art oxygen technology and restorative skin treatment. Oxygen facials have gotten plenty of media attention since being launched. A-list celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few of a long list of the red carpet regulars who consider this treatment a necessity before major events. These unique revitalizing facial treatments are a combination of oxygen

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The Next Generation of Dermal Fillers

Anteis is a leading Swiss innovator in next-generation injectable biopolymers based on hyaluronic acid, with a strong global presence in aesthetic dermatology.

With Anteis fillers, your face will once again reflect your true nature, without your expression being “frozen,” and without your features losing any of their personality.

This new injectable gel is available in three different formulations; our highly trained NewDermaMed team will choose the one

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Do you know the ABCs of melanoma?

It is estimated that this year alone:

6,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma.
1,050 Canadians will die from melanoma.
3,300 Canadian  men will be diagnosed with melanoma and 640 will die from it.
2,700 Canadian women will be diagnosed with melanoma and 390 will die from it.

Malignant melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. However, the earlier it is treated, the more likely the chance of recovery. Below are 5

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3 Easy Treatments for Dull, Dry Winter Skin

With all that snow, sleet and slush, January can be a miserable month. Those cold, dark days can affect more than your mood – they can take a toll on your skin as well, making it look dull and feel rough.

Environmental conditions are a major factor in premature aging, and the summer sun isn’t the only culprit. Chill winds, freezing temperatures and overheated offices can also

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