3 Easy Treatments for Dull, Dry Winter Skin

With all that snow, sleet and slush, January can be a miserable month. Those cold, dark days can affect more than your mood – they can take a toll on your skin as well, making it look dull and feel rough.

Environmental conditions are a major factor in premature aging, and the summer sun isn’t the only culprit. Chill winds, freezing temperatures and overheated offices can also have a negative impact on your complexion. This makes January the perfect time to give your skin, and your mood, a boost.

If you want to turn back the clock or simply look (and feel) a bit fresher, consider some simple, non-surgical, non-invasive treatments that can help erase lines and re-hydrate your skin for a bright, youthful appearance.

There are a number of options you could choose from, but Juvederm Vital Dermal Filler could be the perfect solution. This safe painless injectable can replace lost volume of your face and neck while making fine lines less noticeable.

Juvederm filler leaves your skin looking firmer and plumper in minutes, with no down time or side effects.

To increase your body’s natural collagen production and leave your skin looking refreshed and revitalised, Multi-Layer Skin Rejuvenation could be ideal. This revolutionary laser treatment resurfaces your skin to both tighten and improve the texture of your complexion. You’ll notice positive results almost immediately, but without the cost and discomfort of traditional plastic surgery.

If your skin looks and feels dull and lifeless, then Laser Dermabrasion may be the best choice. This gentle procedure sloughs off the very top layer of dead skin cells, revealing the new, luminous skin beneath.

Whatever procedure you choose, you’ll look and feel rejuvenated in about an hour, with no harsh, time-consuming cosmetic procedures required! Why not start off the new year with an appointment with New DermaMed’s expert team of beauty technicians, and talk to them about the non-surgical skin treatments we offer. Contact us today!