PRP, also known as the Vampire Facelift is an effective and natural procedure used to promote new collagen and tissue regeneration for treating fine lines, deep wrinkles, acne scarring, and loss of volume. PRP, by definition refers to platelets in plasma is produced through centrifugation of the patient’s blood. This results in a self-made concentration of human platelets in a small volume of plasma. The therapy will revitilize the skin and give it a more radiant appearance. At Newdermamed we use the Selphyl® PRFM as the next generation of PRP.


The Selphyl® system can convert PRP to PRFM with the addition of a precise amount of calcium chloride, which initiates the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, as part of the clotting cascade. The fibrin matrix serves as a three dimensional scaffold to maintain the platelets at the site of injection. The scaffold also serves to protect the platelets so their release of growth factors can be sustained over a long period of time.


Fine Lines and Skin Quality
PRP mesotherapy injections promote the process of natural tissue regeneration which naturally slows down as we age. PRP improves skin quality and smoothes fine lines.

Dark Circles
The eye area has very delicate skin that can appear bluish due to microcirculation. PRP mesotherapy injections stimulate circulation around the eye and as a result the under eye darkness will improve.

Deep Wrinkles
PRP can be combined with HA dermal fillers to restore youthful proportions to the volumes of the face. Areas include nasolabial folds, cheeks and jaws, periorbital area, crow’s feet, upper lip, nose and forehead.

PRP mesotherapy injections can greatly improve scars, acne scars, and stretch marks.

Hair Loss
PRP is a natural therapy that uses mesotherapy injections localized in the scalp to slow down hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. By exploiting regenerative potential contained in the platelets, this induces regeneration of the hair bulb environment, while increasing blood supply to the hair follicle. As a result, the hair becomes more enriched and stronger, in return enhancing the actual colour and brightness of the hair without any side effects.


As part of the body’s natural ability to heal itself, platelets and other components in the human blood move to a site of injury. Platelets which are known to release a variety of factors that respond to tissue injury, where they go on to initialize and promote the healing process. Physicians have the potential to enhance the body’s natural healing process by focusing on concentrating the platelets at the site of injury.


Growth factors are released through the formation of a three-dimensional cross-linked fibrin matrix as soon as Selphyl prepared PRFRM is adminstered. This process is essential to the platelet plug as it serves as a binding site for both growing factors and platelets allowing their sustained release. This such scaffolding (fibrin matrix) is what localized the growth factors in return, increasing their concentration at the area of interest and guiding tissue regeneration.


A nurse or physician will extract a very small amount of venous blood and place it into the PRP system which will produce the optimal platelet concentration by isolating the red cells from a platelet concentrate embedded in its own plasma.


Blood is made up of plasma, red cells, white cells and platelets. Platelet Rich Plasma is blood with an increased concentration of platelets. Platelets are essential in hard and soft tissue repair mechanisms. They provide essential growth factors that stimulate collagen synthesis, skin renewal, cell growth, and tissue regeneration.


The Selphyl system can be considered the next generation of PRP and it is designed for the rapid and safe preparation of Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix taken from a small sample of blood from the patient.

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