lip augmentation

At NewDermaMed, we see many patients (mostly women, but not exclusively) come in requesting lip fillers. Some are looking to emulate a celebrity’s perfect pout, like Angelina Jolie, or like the unofficial face of lip fillers, Kylie Jenner, who went from thin lips to full lips, to fuller lips over the course of a few months. Others are requesting more subtle changes to bring back their lips youthful appeal lost over time due to aging. It is important to differentiate between these two lip filler procedures when doing your research. Both procedures are considered lip augmentations, but the latter is known as a lip rejuvenation.

A lip augmentation is meant for those individuals that are unhappy with the shape and structure of their natural lips. Perhaps they feel that their lips are too thin, or too imbalanced. Whatever their reason for wanting a lip augmentation, the structure of classically beautiful lips will always be used for comparison. Going by Hollywood standards, classically beautiful lips are curved, distinct and with a well-defined cupids bow.

Other important features of aesthetically beautiful lips include:

  • The lower lip should be about a third thicker than the upper lips.
  • The lower lip should also measure longer from corner to corner than the upper lip.
  • The corners of the mouth should be straight or slightly elevated.
  • The distance between the nose and upper lip should be approximately 18-20 millimetres.
  • The distance from lower lip to the chin should be approximately 36 to 40 millimetres.

The goal of a lip augmentation: Of course, not everyone is born with the anatomy to suit this ideal lip structure, so the goal of a lip augmentation should not be to follow those exact specifications. The main goal of a lip augmentation is to achieve the ideal shape for your unique profile. Only a highly skilled medical professional will know exactly how to evaluate your profile to determine the best shape for you.

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