The hottest new anti-aging trend in Hollywood is the vampire facelift. Though the name may sound intimidating, the procedure is easy, safe, and effective. The boost of interest came after Kim Kardashian received the Vampire Facial procedure on her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The Vampire Facelift differs from the Vampire Facial in that it combines hyaluronic filler such as Juvederm with platelet rich plasma (PRP), whereas the Vampire Facial uses PRP alone. The Vampire Facelift is suited for someone with sagging, deflated skin in need of a more dramatic increase in volume, whereas, the Vampire Facial is great for anyone looking to boost the overall look and feel of their skin. Both Vampire procedures restore shape, improve tone and texture, and rejuvenate younger tissue.

3 Steps to the Vampire Facelift:

  1. A medical professional will inject HA filler in the places that require increased volume.
  2. A physician will isolate growth factors from the patient’s blood.
  3. A medical professional will inject these growth factors into the face using micro-needling.

Research Supports the Vampire Facelift:

The components of the facelift are very well documented scientifically because the procedure has been used in the medical field on injured patients for the past 15 years. There are thousands of articles and medical research backing up the procedures effectiveness in rejuvenating tissue and injured body parts. In one study on patients with broken ankles where the bone broke through the skin, 73% of those treated with a combination of HA and PRP had skin grow over the bone faster compared to 43% of patients treated with HA alone. The skin of your face behaves the same as your ankle or foot.

How PRP Works:

Without a facelift or any cutting at all, regenerative cells from your own blood are put right under the skin into your own tissue using a device called micro needling. Micro needling puts tiny holes in the skin only a half of a millimetre deep, which stimulates collagen production and drives plasma into the skin. Blood has healing growth factors called PRP that help rejuvenate tissue. By replenishing the blood cells in your tissue, the skin thickens and wrinkles fill out, among many other benefits. When the procedure is done on your face, precise measurements are made unique to your facial structure. When the procedure is done, the PRP will act as a scaffold for new tissue growth creating a beautiful natural effect. The new tissue includes new collagen, new fatty tissue, and new blood vessels.

Benefits of PRP:

The procedure tightens skin, provides beautiful color, improves texture and rejuvenates your youthful shape. After the procedure patients will experience smooth skin and a healthy glow. The results are miraculous! Because the procedure does not use any artificial fillers, it is very safe. In fact, it is 100% safe. Immediately after the procedure you will feel younger, fresher and rejuvenated. There is absolutely no downtime. Put on some makeup, go for dinner and have a wonderful evening! The results can last up to a year!

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