At this point in life, most of us understand the concept of sun damage and sun protection. Exposure to sun without proper protection will break down collagen cells in the skin and result in a loss of skin firmness and elasticity – this goes hand in hand with wrinkles, sun spots and dullness. Even one weekend at the cottage with a forgotten sunscreen application can lead to sun damage that will forever be etched into your skins chemistry. Every exposed body part needs to be accounted for when using sunscreen because aging is not solely a facial phenomenon. Just like the skin on the hands, the skin just below the neck is often forgotten. Sun damage to the skin in this area will not only result in sun spots and dullness, but also cleavage wrinkles.

Cleavage wrinkles are deep vertical creases caused by push up bras and sleeping on one’s side. For well-endowed woman, cleavage wrinkles may be unavoidable, but early onset cleavage wrinkles can be offset with preventative care like sunscreen. But as I said, once the sun damage is done, the skins chemistry changes losing its elasticity and ability to produce collagen – and there is not much a woman can do on her own to fix it. At NewDermaMed we offer advanced corrective cleavage wrinkle therapies like lasers, dermal fillers and medical grade skin care that are proven to work.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing is a revolutionary laser therapy that we recommend for woman with deeper cleavage wrinkles. The Fractional Laser Resurfacing will even out skin texture and tone, increase skin volume and firmness, and significantly improve the appearance of deep cleavage wrinkles in a single treatment. It works by selectively removing damaged skin cells with a specialized laser beam that leaves healthy skin cells untouched. This focused therapy promotes rapid recovery and dramatic results.

The Laser Peel is a great choice for woman with fine chest wrinkles and skin dullness. The laser peel will improve the appearance of superficial skin imperfections, replacing dullness and fine lines with glowing youthful skin. It works by removing the top superficial layer of skin with a precise laser for a full field treatment. The precision of this laser shortens healing time and stimulates collagen production.

Laser Genesis is recommended for women experiencing fine cleavage lines, skin redness, large pores, and uneven skin texture. This powerful non-invasive laser treatment stimulates collagen production through heating of the upper dermis well below the skin’s surface. This restorative therapy will bring back your chests youthful balance without any pain or recovery.

Redensity I is a novel dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidant and minerals present in the skin. It is used to treat aging skin linked to sun exposure and restore skin’s ability to reflect light. This treatment is great for any well-endowed woman experiencing cleavage wrinkles or looking to prevent wrinkles in the future. In three sessions at three week intervals the treated area will appear smoother and glowing.

iS CLINICAL Youth Serum and Firming Complex are scientifically advanced products that can be used to dramatically and immediately smooth and tighten chest wrinkles. Both products are botanically based formulas that work synergistically to restore the skin’s structures and encourage long term chest wrinkle reduction.

There is nothing like cleavage wrinkles to reveal a woman’s age. Protect your skin with sunscreen and call us for corrective cleavage wrinkle therapy.

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