A major part of maintaining our body’s health is through eating well. For most people this means getting the correct vitamins and nutrients. But one cannot forget about the importance of antioxidants. Eating enough antioxidants in your diet can actually reduce the chances of cancer, lower high blood pressure, slow the aging process and improve heart health.

Antioxidants work by fighting against ‘free-radicals’ produced by processed foods, alcohol, drugs, smoking, UV light, pollution and even stress. These harmful toxins are absolutely everywhere and totally unstoppable. Our body’s cells are constantly fighting against these free-radicals and when we lose the fight, our bodies will get sick, weak, and unhealthy. But the fight against these unstoppable villains is not hopeless. Antioxidants are your personal super heroes – fighting off the evil toxins and saving your cells. And unlike Batman, they are not difficult to find.

Antioxidants are everywhere. The following is a list of the 10 easiest to find antioxidants to include in your daily diet.

  1. Coffee – A cup of regular or even decaf coffee has loads of antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acid which fights the oxidation of bad cholesterol.
  2. Granny Smith Apples – A single apple contains approximately five thousand antioxidants. That’s a strong punch in the free-radicals face.
  3. Vitamin E – supplementing with Vitamin E is important for suppressing the oxidation of fat cells in your body.
  4. Blueberries – A single cup of blueberries contains ten thousand antioxidants making it one of the most powerful antioxidant foods on Earth. Take that free-radicals!!
  5. Kidney Beans – Half a cup of kidney beans has over 6000 antioxidants. That’s a healthy dose of kick ass in the fight against free radicals.
  6. Strawberries – Though they have less antioxidants than blueberries, their 6000 antioxidants per single cup are a pretty hefty dose.
  7. Vitamin C – One of the most essential vitamins found in citrus fruit, green peppers, cabbage, spinach and broccoli, vitamin C is bursting with antioxidants.
  8. Olive Oil – Uncooked olive oil is healthy, delicious and loaded with antioxidants that help fight cancer and heart disease.
  9. Red Wine – A glass of red wine is a great source of antioxidants. That 2nd glass of red wine may be a good idea after all.
  10. Watercress – Bursting with antioxidants like lutein and zexanthin, watercress will boost your eye health.

Our diet is an extremely powerful tool to fighting against disease and illness. Though there are many resources our bodies can use to fight against free-radicals, there is no source better than antioxidants. Eating more antioxidants will slow down the aging process, and improve the over-all health of your body. With a healthy body, anything is possible.

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