The body functions as a whole organism, so the health of our skin is actually a reflection of the health of our body and its internal organs. Our skin gives us important information of the things that we cannot see. When something is not right on the inside, it will show us on the outside through various skin disorders such as acne, dermatitis, discoloration, puffiness and premature aging. Skin disorders are among the first visible signs of an imbalanced diet and improper digestion. Luckily, by addressing these larger issues, you can repair damaged cells from the inside out, and develop the beautiful complexion you have never given yourself the chance to see.

The North American diet of fast, packaged and highly processed food, makes it one of the worst in the world. A common misconception in the North American diet is that in order to be healthy, one must count calories, and measure fat, carbohydrates and sugar intake. But even with all this extra counting and measuring, if the contents of the food you are eating is highly processed, you will never experience your full health and beauty potential. In order to feel and look your best, one must eat an optimal ‘clean’ diet made up of foods in their most natural state. A ‘clean’ diet requires absolutely no counting or measuring and will have your body thanking you.

Whole foods, such as vegetables, fruits, unprocessed grains, fish, and meat provide the body with clean fuel that is easy for the body to utilize and digest, whereas processed foods require our bodies to go through a grueling break down process; whatever our bodies cannot recognize or use (which can be a lot!) cannot be digested properly, and will cause negative reactions to our appearance and health.

Highly processed foods, and man-made ingredients such as sweeteners are the bane of your beautiful complexion. Removing these foods from your diet and replacing them with whole, non-processed foods will make drastic changes to your skin in as little as a week. Furthermore, when you eat clean, you will never feel hungry, sick or lethargic after a meal because when you eat the right things, your body will respond the way it is meant to – by properly and completely digesting, assimilating, breaking down, and eliminating. When you eat clean, you gain energy and feel great.

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