Today, the modern man is more mindful of his appearance than in the past and everybody likes a well-kept man! When a guy feels good about his appearance he is inclined to feel on top of his game both professionally and romantically. Confidence is a huge asset in this world, and everyone deserves to be confident in their skin. Today’s skin conscious man is taking it a step further than using a skin product regime on its own, by seeking out cosmetic treatments to tighten, lift, smooth, brighten and restore a youthful appearance.

Attitudes have changed about what men will and will not do to keep their appearance on point. But more than that, technology has improved greatly allowing even the most timid men to sneak in a treatment here and there without anyone knowing. In the past, most of the anti-aging procedures were highly invasive. Men did not want to go under the knife because they did not want to take off work, or risk any complications. Today there is absolutely nothing stopping men because there are so many non-surgical cosmetic procedures available that require little to no recovery time and provide amazing results, allowing men to return to work immediately after.

At NewDermaMed there are a wide variety of FDA approved non-surgical laser treatments that effectively soften the signs of aging and rejuvenate skin in as little as 30 minutes. Men can come in at their lunch break and go back to work immediately. Here are some of the most popular non-surgical procedures men are getting today:


Why more and more men are getting Brotox.

Botox injections for men, referred to as Brotox is the most popular treatment to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines and furrowed brows. The Brotox treatment is often used to soften wrinkles as opposed to completely erase them; a more popular request from woman.

Younger looking you in 30 minutes: Brotox is quick and easy, and there is no downtime.


Why men choose Dermal Fillers.

Men choose to use dermal fillers to add fullness to the areas of the face that have hallowed over time and to reduce signs of wrinkles. One of the first signs of aging is under eye hollowness and dark circles, as well as laugh lines. Our highly skilled medical professionals only use the most advanced and award winning products to achieve a natural and long lasting result with dermal filler.

Lunch hour treatment: Injections provide immediate results with basically no recovery time. It is a very comfortable treatment that can be done over a lunch hour. You can return to work immediately looking younger, fresher and well rested.


Why Men are in love with Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Men love this revolutionary treatment because it targets damaged skin cells and improves fine lines, uneven skin texture, scars, acne scars, and large pores. It is very effective for fine lines around the eye area because it stimulates collagen growth. Skin will tighten and continually improve long after the treatment.

Erase skin imperfections in one treatment: All imperfections on your face can be noticeably improved in as little as one 30 minute session. For most men, the procedure is tolerable. Recovery can range from zero to a week depending on how deep of a result the patient wants to see after a single treatment.


Why Laser Genesis is a fantastic option.

Laser Genesis is a unique non-invasive procedure to restore your skins natural glow. This treatment is a great pick me up if your skin is feeling dull. It is a powerful yet non-invasive technology that can alleviate signs of aging and sun damage. It will improve pore size, fine lines, uneven texture and diffuse excessive redness.

The glow treatment: Takes 30 minutes. Feels warm and relaxing. There is no need for downtime and the results continue to get better weeks after the treatment.


Why Photo Rejuvenation will brighten your skin.

Men that spend a great deal of time outdoors for work or play may experience sun damage. Uneven skin tone, and hyper pigmentation are one of the most common skin concerns men experience due to sun damage. The IPL photo rejuvenation treatment repairs damaged skin through intense pulse light. It works by targeting excessive pigment in the skin, diffusing redness and eliminating freckles, and age spots. Men love this treatment because they experience instant revitalization of their skin.

Picture perfect skin: Quick and painless. Feels like a light finger flick each time the laser is used. Can go back to work immediately after the treatment. Over the next couple days all freckles targeted will slough off, leaving brighter skin in its wake.


Why Laser Hair Removal is so popular.

Many men who have excess body hair are insecure about it because men’s fashion calls for smooth hair free skin! Laser hair removal is one of the most common treatments for men from their early twenties through their fifties. The laser can target certain areas of hair, leaving others furry to their liking. A common place a lot of men are getting laser hair removal done is on their backs and chests.

Permanently hair free: Depending on the area, the time it takes to complete a single treatment will differ. Most men find the procedure tolerable. After completing a treatment plan, usually between 3-8 treatments for a given area, unwanted hair is gone forever!

NewDermaMed provides clinically proven, state of the art laser skin care solutions for men looking to rejuvenate their skin. Our team of medical professionals are dedicated to providing the highest standards of care. No matter what your unique skin concerns are, our team will work to develop a comprehensive treatment plan so that you achieve optimal results.

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