How to get rid of hollow under-eyes in 30 minutes

Tear troughs are deformities of the under eye area, such as the depression or sunken-in appearance under the eyes, mostly near the bridge of the nose. Tear troughs also include dark shadows under the eyes, commonly referred as under eye dark circles.

Under eye deformities can make us look tired and aged. Eye creams, gels and other cosmetic ointments can only do so much, but it cannot create fuller under-eyes nor can it remove excess skin/fat under the eyes.

Dermal fillers are currently the best non-surgical alternative to correcting under-eye deformities. NewDermaMed uses Anteis’ Esthélis fillers, which are considered the next generation of dermal fillers and have been proven to solve your tear trough concerns.

Esthélis is the only highly cross-linked gel that can be injected very superficially for even, more natural, effective and long lasting results than other dermal fillers due to its slow degradation process. In addition, Esthélis fillers are FDA approved to treat fine lines, wrinkles and assist in the rehydration of the skin.

The precision of the injection is important for successful dermal filler treatment. The Anteis Injection System is a new, automated electronic injection system for fillers and rejuvenation products, designed as a modern alternative to traditional injection procedures that provides increased accuracy, comfort, and safety.

Esthélis products contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally produced component by the skin and is the key factor of young looking skin. As you age, your skin produces less hyaluronic acid, resulting in thinner skin, wrinkles and loss volume in your face. Your skin will immediately integrate Esthélis since your body recognizes it as a natural component. Due to its natural components, it is perfectly biocompatible, fully biodegradable, extremely safe to use with minimal risks of allergic reactions or side effects. Your skin gradually, and naturally, reabsorbs Esthélis between a 9 to 12 month period. Results can be seen within 30 minutes of treatment!

What sets Esthélis fillers apart from other hyaluronic acid fillers on the market is that Esthélis Fillers are the most natural fillers on the market. They are made from non-animal hyaluronic acid. With its CMP technology patent, Esthélis fillers last much longer than other dermal fillers due to its slow degradation process.

Get rid of your pesky under-eye problems today by contacting us to book your free Esthélis consultation or treatment!

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